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Operations Diagnostic

MulticomHost can help build technology strategies that keep businesses flexible and moving forward.


The objectives of the Operations Diagnostic begin with the following and can be expanded to include additional areas of interest:
  • Identify the technology deficiencies of the current operations in the areas of enterprise accounting, resource management, messaging, collaboration, communications, security, and file storage.
  • Develop recommended steps for the current technology operations to achieve the desired level of security, reliability, and performance
  • Define technology strategies to address future business goals and objectives


Our approach requires input and involvement of management, technology support personnel, end-users, and your current vendors to gather the necessary information, identify priorities, and develop appropriate recommendations. We use both onsite, conference calls, video conferencing, and other communication technologies to efficiently and thoroughly gather relevant information. The output of our work will include a set of recommended solutions accompanied by action plans. The following are typical project activities to successfully complete the diagnostic:
  • Interview computer user representatives for each department and location
  • Gather and review current technology documentation
  • Perform a review and analysis of current business systems, network architecture, and communication systems
  • Identify key business requirements during the next 90 days, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, and 4 years
  • Participate in business operations and planning meetings
  • Assess current issues and opportunities
  • Develop estimates for implementation of recommendations
  • Deliver the Operations Diagnostic report | about us | services | support | Outlook Web Access and User Account Settings | Account Control Panel
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