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Disaster Readiness

Many companies claim to be ready for a disaster, but few can actually prove it. MulticomHost provides a structured approach to ensure critical business sytems are ready when a disaster strikes.


The objectives of the Disaster Readiness consulting service includes the following and can be expanded to include additional areas of interest:
  • Assess current strategies for failure identification and restoration of systems
  • Improve existing procedures and develop new procedures for failure identification, response management, system restore, and communication
  • Identify new system needs to achieve recoverability objectives and time to restore goals


Our approach requires input and involvement of management, technology support personnel, end-users, and your current vendors to gather the necessary information, identify priorities, and develop appropriate recommendations. We use both onsite, conference calls, video conferencing, and other communication technologies to efficiently and thoroughly gather relevant information. The output of our work will include a set of recommended solutions accompanied by action plans. The formal disaster readiness plan document will be written and maintained by your internal resources with MulticomHost providing guidance throughout the plan development process. The common project activities to successfully complete the disaster readiness plan are the following:
  • Gather and review current backup and disaster recovery documentation
  • Perform a review and analysis of current business systems, network architecture, and communication systems
  • Identify mission critical systems and services
  • Inventory all systems and vendor services
  • Identify and review all relevant vendor support agreements
  • Develop minimum required recovery goals for each group of users
  • Prioritize systems for recovery
  • Identify, acquire, and implement new systems and services to support recovery
  • Complete documentation of the disaster readiness plan
  • Execute conference room testing of the disaster readiness plan
  • Schedule ongoing periodic review and testing of the disaster readiness plan | about us | services | support | Outlook Web Access and User Account Settings | Account Control Panel
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